How to Find an Oracle DBA Job in Saudi Arabia

I receive several emails through this blog or LinkedIn asking how to find an Oracle DBA job in Saudi Arabia if I reside in some other country.

Before you starting your job hunting, keep in mind that most companies can survive with local talent which became a lot through the last several years due to Oracle’s popularity. So you must have a unique set of skills required immediately for a company to relocate you.

The best and fastest way is through good old fashioned networking (talking to people that know people). This way you resume will make it directly to department heads and decision makers. In this case, you will have an edge because you are already recommended by your connection and there is a chance the company will not even advertise the job opening until they talk to you first. Even if the company doesn’t have an immediate job opening, they will keep you in mind for future openings.

Another less effective way is responding to ads in newspapers or recruiting websites. The company will be waiting for applicants’ resumes and yours will be one of those many resumes (hope your resume will stand out).

The least effective way is posting your resume on a recruiting website, LinkedIn or applying through a company’s website and waiting for the company to contact you. This rarely produces an immediate response. Your resume will eventually age on recruiting websites and will be bypassed in searches. In case of company’s website, if their inbox is not already full, your resume will rarely makes its way to the IT department.

Hope this helps


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