Would you Let Women Drive in Saudi Arabia

Not so long ago, I was driving my van and sitting right next to me one of the mildest tempered people I knew in my life, my wife. However, this time, she was yelling at me saying, FOLLOW HIM, GET HIM.

The person that made my wife yell was not a thief or an attacker, but your common average driver in KSA. The driving in Saudi is a combination of rude, aggressive, and in some cases flat out suicidal. It definitely gets under your skin and you respond rather erratically like.

Back in USA people are scared of drunk drivers, but in Saudi, we are fearsome of most drivers and especially of teen drivers. There are young teens that barely can see over the wheel and driving an 8-15 passenger 4×4 SUV. It came no surprise that KSA has one of the highest car accident death rates in the world.

Knowing all risks involved, would you let your wife or daughter drive (if it is ever allowed)? Even though is none of my business, but I don’t think so, not unless KSA fixes this domestic problem. Why would anybody want to take a risk on his wife’s or daughter’s life!

If you ever in KSA, here are some tips to help you cope with this issue:

Few expatriates elect not to own a car but rather relying on company’s transportation and taxis.

Some co-workers take longer and easier routes just to elude traffic and come to the job calmer.

Know the problematic routes and times of traffic congestion to avoid them.

Remind yourself to always remain calm. This is one fight you can’t really win.

Most expatriates buy 4×4 SUVs; they are safer in case car accidents (God forbid).

Drive defensively, can’t stress this point enough.

Hazem Ameen


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